Thursday, December 25, 2014

A nice haul this year!

Mrs. History PhD did a great job this year! Some excellent swag! First:
It's one that I really needed!

From Picoarmor, she got me heavy cavalry in bicornes and command to match (which you'll see here shortly, as I've already started on them), as well as some very nice looking MiG-27's! Also the new M132 Zippos and a pack of UH-1B Gunships from GHQ:
Which will end up as Heavy Hogs:

And to top it all off, an assortment of desperately needed paints and eight of GHQ's Bunker Boxes!! A not-so-subtle hint that she wants some of my ocean of minis off of HER bookcase. Wait...I had that bookcase for many years before we were married. How is it HERS now? Best not to bring that up and disturb the domestic felicity. 

Thank you sweetheart! I knew I was right to keep you! Yikes!! Run, everybody!! She read that!!

Happy Christmas to you all. I hope you got masses of great wargaming stuff from Santa!!


  1. My haul was quite light for a change but much appreciated. You look to have had quite a good selection


    1. A good Christmas and all the swag will be put to good use very shortly!