Saturday, December 13, 2014

My first 3mm Napoleonics!

I've finished my first stand of 3mm Napoleonics: 1806 Saxon (or 1808 Spanish) infantry:

They're mounted on a 40x20 steel base. I was torn about how to present them. By companies? Battalions? Whole regiments? Or even brigades?  In the end, I decided to give myself some flexibility. Each stand can represent a company, allowing me to depict units in a square, etc., and I can put four on a sabot base to field battalions or in larger scale games, each stand can be a battalion in its own right. For a company, it's about 2:1 and for a battalion, it's about 10:1. To expand the possible combinations, I'll do command stands separately so that the standards don't tie the units to just one identity. They can depict any nationality that the uniform is appropriate for simply by changing command stands.

Before anyone starts crying "burn the witch!!" and "heretic!!",
I am well aware that the supernumeraries I have at the back of the stand are not historically correct in either number or position. I put them there simply as a bit of window dressing to make the stand more attractive. 

Onward to my first command stand!

"And how do you know that she is a witch?" "She turned me into a newt!!.....I got better"


  1. I have seen the 3mm and yours look very nice, I agree you can use them for several nations making them even more useful. How long did it take to paint them?


  2. I spent about about an hour painting and doing the base, not counting drying time.

  3. Great stuff! I am curious as to how you'll do the banner stands as that was something I though about doing myself, but then went for flags on the stands.

  4. Stay tuned. In the next post or two, I'll cover my command stands.