Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This is moving right along!

I've about finished my first few 3mm Napoleonic Saxons. Given that these things are really too tiny to paint in a traditional, straight-forward "miniature painting" style, I've elected to go with the Kandinsky method of Impressionism:
That's his "Autumn in Bavaria". It's not a landscape, but it gives that impression. 

Not really soldiers, but painted to give the impression of soldiers:
Up close, and I do mean CLOSE, they appear fairly messy. However, from a gaming distance, they look quite good, if I do say so myself:
It all blends together well at this distance. 

Black was far too dark for things that ought to be black, so I used Vallejo Basalt Grey (869). Dark enough, but not too dark. Facings and pompon in electric red to give a bit of "bling" to catch the eye. 

I must say, heavy dry-brushing certainly goes faster than actual painting! Now I have to set about shrinking down a Saxon standard from a 6mm template. More on all of this shortly!


  1. Very nice! The red waistcoats really help them pop!

  2. Looking good so far - and just a bit tempting. Now if a SYW line comes out I might be tempted...

    1. Honestly, these things are small enough that they're somewhat "nonspecific". The bicorne troops might get away as SYW

  3. Looks great. Impressionism is definitely the way to go. I have well over 10k painted 6mm figures and there is no difference at the normal gameplay distance between the detailed and impressionistic painted ones. If anything remember to go bright as otherwise the entire formation turns into a dull blob on the game board.

  4. I don't think anyone, except me, will have my 3mm minis right at the end of their nose giving them a detail inspection. Only I'm that OCD!