Monday, December 8, 2014

Oh my God, these are tiny!!!!

Today the U.S. Post Office finally deigned to deliver my 3mm Napoleonics from Picoarmor.

Holy Hell, these things are tiny for real! Quite some time ago, I ordered the American Civil War sample pack, just to have a look. Those figures are small, around 4mm I'd guess, but these Napoleonics are smaller yet. They really are 3mm. 

The first step has been to lightly glue them to popsicle sticks and prime them a light grey, then give them a fairly heavy black wash:
Sorry, I don't yet have a macro lens for the new iPhone 6.

Next up is a heavy dry-brushing in the main uniform color. These got three coats of white (the black wash bleeds through too much on the first two), as they will serve as both Saxons and Spaniards. At this tiny scale, only their command stands and standards will set them apart, so it seems a nice plus to be able to use them as any white-uniformed bicorne-wearing infantry:
Now I just need to pick out a few details, bicornes, muskets & bayonets, faces, etc and this first lot is finished! Wow! These things paint FAST, as long as you don't get too anally-retentive about it. After all, they're going to be seen en-masse from four or five feet away. 

Stay tuned for more as this progresses!

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