Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A bit of a problem with my Fitter C's!

Those of you who read my blog on a regular basis will know that for 1/600 scale aircraft, I generally drill a hole in the model's belly and use Gorilla Superglue Gel to afix it to the tip of a wire. It's quite fiddly holding the model perched straight and level while waiting for the glue to set, but in the end, it turns out a good looking "flying" aircraft. 

This week, I bought four of O8's very nice Su-17 Fitter C's for my Soviets and Poles:
They clean up pretty well, given that Marcin uses so much aluminum in his amalgam that it can often be diamond-hard. However, this time he's really outdone himself! I've tried to drill the belly of one of the models using my Dremel, as I always do, and this thing is so hard that I can't even get a hole started! All I've managed to do is produce a battered, semi-flat, mangled-looking place:

Ok, obviously a rethink is going to be necessary here. If drilling is out, I do have a pile of small rare earth magnets lying about unused. Gluing a magnet to the model's belly is no problem (especially since I've already made a fairly flat place with all of my drilling attempts). But that begs the question of how to get the matching magnet to perch atop the wire. Hmm....

Obviously, the magnet will never sit securely directly on the tip of the wire. I need some sort of flat surface atop the wire, but what to use as this tiny "table"? Where I work, we have a fairly large laminating shop, which is just chock-full of interesting little odds and ends. To afix acetate overlays to maps, the shop uses Chicago posts:
Unfortunately they're made of aluminum, so I'll have to glue magnets to both the aircraft and the "table".
That's without any magnets attached yet. It's very definitely not the most elegant solution and it is anything but unobtrusive, however, it does work. It will have to do until I think of a better way. This is what the whole thing will look like after it's all glued together:
Well, it'll all look much better after it's painted and flocked (he said hopefully)....

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