Thursday, October 2, 2014

Beginning a Cold War reading list

I've decided to begin doing occasional posts on books to include in a well-stocked Cold War library. 

I recently received "The Soviet-East German Miltary Alliance" by Douglas A. Macgregor (Cambridge UP, 1989) in the mail. Although it is available electronically on GoogleBooks, I find that I still prefer an actual, physical book. 

If you have any interest in East Germany during the Cold War, I highly recommend this work to you. MacGregor explores the relationship between the Soviet Union and East Germany, from the emergence of the Communist German state in 1949 as a separate country to the state's end in 1990, as well as East Germany's transformation from merely a puppet state to the Soviet Union's militarily most reliable ally (the staunchest ideological ally throughout the Cold War was undoubtedly Bulgaria).

If you prefer a "hard copy" (a 21st Century phrase meaning "real book") as I do, they're easily found at a very good price. Mine is in excellent condition and it cost me $9.50 and that included postage! I encourage you to invest a couple of dollars. 

What's on your Cold War reading list?

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