Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cold War reading list, Part 2

Another indispensable title for a Cold War bookshelf is US Army field manual FM 100-2-3:
It was reissued periodically between 1946 and 1991 (and possibly beyond that, but that was after my time in the Army). It is an outstanding guide to Soviet military tactics, weapons, and vehicles. A definite "must have".

As you can see, mine is the 1991 edition. Given my timeframe of interest, I would much rather have the 1977 or the 1984 edition. Anyone want to trade? Mine's in pretty good shape!


  1. We were still training on these manuals when I was at the Knox in 1995. If was updated in the late 90s to cover "Threat Doctrine" You can find a PDF of the 1984 edition here

    1. Thanks! I'd still like to buy a hardcopy though. It'd take far too much paper and toner to print it off.