Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Very unimpressed with Marcin's F-100's

The O8 F-100 Super Sabres that I've been waiting on arrived from Picoarmor today. The usual wonderful service from John and John and the usual pathetic delivery time from the Post Office. 

Having now gotten to work on the aircraft, I have to say the sculpts are pretty poor quality and far below Marcin's usual standards. They come in two pieces. The fuselage and tail assembly in one piece, which gets glued across the wing assembly, it being a second piece. The rudder has a very large piece of mold seepage and is a fair bit of a mess. The horizontal stabilizers are not level and of noticeably different shapes and lengths:

In the end, in order to get at the "blob" attached to the rudder, I had to snap off the entire vertical stabilizer. This is what it will look like once I get it glued back on:
As you can see, I have yet to finish filing it into the correct shape. 

I'm quite disappointed with these little models. They require an inordinate amount of work compared to their small size. No doubt they'll look fine on the table and from a distance and paint covers a multitude of sins, but still.... Ok, I realize this isn't 1/48 and I got two for only $1.85, but that's not the point. Sigh, usually Marcin's stuff is very impressive. Not this time. 

Ok, back to the maintenance shop. 

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