Saturday, October 18, 2014

The return of Mrs. History PhD

Over the last month or so, my wife has been painting a figure here and a figure there and she's finished two 3-man cells in 1/285 to go with her Viet Cong command stand (my post of July 20, 2014). Her short term goal is a VC infantry squad, which at full strength had 12 men (4 cells). However, like most armies, it was quite common to see only 3 cells to a squad (9 men) due to the attrition caused by death, wounds, illness, and temporary duty assignments elsewhere (called "TDY" when I was in the Army in the 80's).

So, here's what she has accomplished thus far:

I'm still flabbergasted that she does such a good job for a beginner! I particularly like the female grenade thrower and the prone guy with the RPK:
Although I have to say, GHQ has fallen down a bit there. In this role, it would have been more common to see an RPD:
But GHQ doesn't make a figure with one. 

The Mrs. says she'll do one more cell at least and possibly two to finish off her squad, so stand by for the whole squad soon. 

As an aside to the above photos, you can see my system of keeping track of what stand is part of what unit. This squad is part of blue platoon. The 3 dots in the blue square indicate that it's the third squad. White dots show the squad leader's cell/stand. Other cells get black dots. The actual squad leader figure always has a small tuft of elephant grass beside him (or occasionally "her"). Just helps with keeping everything organized on the table top during a game. 

The Mrs. says "See you all again soon!"


  1. I gather you have decided the Mrs. is a keeper? She does good work. I also loke the understated way you mark the units.