Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Excited...and not

The "excited" part is a 1/285 building I ordered from DB Buildings (actually owned by LegionsIVHire) in Canada arrived today. It's a German building they call "Gerlach Tower":
I've searched the Internet for a real Gerlach Tower, but there doesn't seem to be one, so I assume it's an "imagination" piece. In any case, it's really nice, with lots of eye appeal! A bit pricey at $20, plus $10 shipping though. After currency conversion, it was still a shade over US$28. Still, a great addition to my German town. 

The "not" part stems from the fact that, after I took a good look at this thing, it's a pretty rough job of casting. Significant bubbling and honey combing:
And a LOT of resin seepage and pronounced seams:
Also, most of the windows are partially filled with resin, as are other small detail areas:
It's really a bit of a mess!!  Disappointing. I've ordered a couple of small things from them before, tents, shipping containers, etc, but this was the first full-blown building I've had from them. 

This will take several days to clean up to a presentable state before I can prime it, let alone begin painting. A lot of holes to fill in with green putty (the good old Squadron Shop!!). Why can't anything ever be easy? It would be a different matter if the thing was cheap. Damn!! Oh well, let's get to work....

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