Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The horror lurking in my mailbox

Today, a Z scale building that I ordered off of eBay arrived. 
For the last few days, I've really been looking forward to it showing up. It was "used" and the seller said the box had been opened, but it was never assembled. The ad said that all parts were present, as was the instruction sheet. Great!! I got it for $15 including shipping and I've never seen this model go for less than $45!!! Yippee!!

Then I opened the box and found out exactly how the seller was so sure EVERY part was present. The first thing to meet my dismayed eyes was a pile of empty sprues:
There was not one single solitary part on any of the sprues. Not one!! :-O. Then, in the bottom of the box, I spied a pile of the larger parts and a bag holding ALL the small parts:
Oh my God!! Did he cut off every last part to see if they were all there!?! 

Some of these small parts look very much alike and it's going to be a nightmare to put this thing together. The instructions are liberally illustrated, so I can get it done, but oh what a pain in the ass this is going to be! Sigh, what a cruel man he must be.... I bet he takes apart all his kids' Christmas presents before he wraps them :-( You bastard!!


  1. Ahhhhh man. Great looking building, but that is gonna be a tough one to get together!

    1. I especially like all of the clipped sprues in the bag!

  2. No doubt left in just as an added insult