Friday, November 22, 2013

It's too cold to go out!! Let's paint!!

A cold, windy, drizzly weekend, which means it's great "staying in and painting" weather. I've had a couple of shipments arrive this week. The first is from Leven Miniatures in England. This is a small company that makes really great 6mm buildings. I bought a large brewery:
A malting house:
And two sets of stone walls:
I'm really impressed with the castings, which require only a bare minimum of tidying up on my part. Very attractively priced too. 

Next, on eBay, I found a small z-scale train station made by Faller, which I got for a steal:
I actually don't think I'll use it as a train station, as for that I want something a bit more imposing, but I think it'll make an excellent bus station!! Add a few stances and some buses that I already have:
It'll look great (hopefully)!!

The 3mm East German BTR-60PB's are also coming along nicely:
I'll have a whole company finished today, all going according to plan (which it generally doesn't).

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