Sunday, November 3, 2013

My progress of the last week

Feeling a lot better than last weekend thankfully and I've made some headway on the mountain of projects sitting on the hobby table.

The first thing is, given that I'm working on a 6mm German church and almost all old churches in Europe have an adjoining cemetary, I ordered some z scale headstones. They're made by a small British company called Shire Scenes and carried in the US by The N Scale Architect. They are brass etched and really tiny:
But believe it or not, they actually have legible writing on them!!!!
The one on the top left says "William Flower 1782-1836". Poor sod didn't live to be very old, did he? The instructions say there's no need to prime them, as they were given a post-production coat of varnish. Hmm, we'll see how they take paint.

My 3mm East German T-55's are coming along nicely: 
Because WarPac command tanks had no AAMG's mounted on the turret, I'll use T-55AM's for the bulk of my force and standard T-55's for command. O8 doesn't cast AAMG's on their standard T-55's, so it saves me a lot of filing. As you can see, I like the well "muddied" look. I was in the Army and I never saw any kind of vehicle in the field that wasn't fairly filthy. 

A small order from GHQ has also arrived. A package of 1/285 M551 Sheridans and a Bunker Box:

I suppose this is a good excuse to talk about storage. I use Bunker Boxes or similar boxes made by other companies. 
They come with foam inserts to cushion the vehicles you put inside, but that's still hard on fragile barrels, antennas, etc., so here's my solution, 3mm or 6mm. As all my vehicles regardless of scale go on metal bases, I lay a "carpet" of adhesive sheet magnets in the bottom of the box:
Then it holds everything very securely. I use their foam inserts as a cushion on top and nothing has ever been damaged:
A battalion of Italian armor, with command stands, all in one box! For 6mm vehicles with antennas, I just leave the foam layer out. 

That's it for this weekend. The church should be finished for next weekend. Stand by....

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